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When looking for personal accident cover it is important to find a policy that provide the benefits that are most useful to you. Our most common claim is for injury which prevents the policy holder from working (temporary total disablement). Policies which cover temporary total disablement will pay a weekly benefit or a set amount for specific injuries; you must think which is most suitable for you. Work out what you might need to cover if you are injured and what will happen to your pay/salary if a long term injury prevents you from working. You may also want to consider if you want injury only cover or illness as well.

When you getting quotes check the terms and conditions to make sure you are covered for the activities you need. The cost of policies is generally linked to the level of cover you choose and although it is best to cover everything as needed some cover is better than none.

Personal Accident cover can be included within most horse policies and is also a benefit of memberships such as the BHS Gold. These policies tend to be limited and only offer cover for death, permanent disablement and dental work so make sure you check the small print.

A standalone personal accident policy will offer you much broader cover. Most personal accident policies cover temporary total disablement; this means that if you cannot work through injury or illness you will receive weekly payments for up to two years. This is particularly important when you may only receive statutory sick pay whilst your monthly outgoings remain the same. Some policies also offer cover 24 hours a day so not just while you are riding or working but other aspects of your life, so if you had a non-horse related accident such as a car crash you will be covered. Some policies also include cover for death, permanent disablement and other life changing injuries for which you would receive a lump sum payment, plus Dental cover following an accident.

So don’t always assume each policy will be the same, have a look, ask questions and make sure it’s the right policy for you!

Whilst it all sounds complicated, it isn’t. An experienced insurer or broker will be able to discuss all of the options available.

Contributor: Liz, KBIS Equestrian Insurance.

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