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Arioneo Orscana Sensor

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What is Arioneo Orscana Sensor?

 It is a sensor that is ergonomically designed to fit neatly into a specially designed pocket sewn into your rugs in the dip of the hip of your horse.  This is one of the first places that perspiration appears and allowed Arioneo to take advantage of the anatomy of the horse. There is very little contact and when the horse lies down there is little interference from the sensor. This sensor is then paired through Bluetooth to an application on either an Apple or Android phone.

It has two primary functions. The first is to monitor the horses activity, it will report whether your horse is active, lying down, standing calmly or has disturbed movement so you can see exactly what your horse is up to when you are not around. The second is to measure the temperature and humidity beneath your horses rugs ensuring that you are not over or under rugging ensuring your horse is comfortable at all times. The app is also linked via wifi to the local weather, so you are able to see what the weather is predicted to do each night, the app will then provide advice each day based on the horses individual data that you have input into the application when pairing the sensor.


The application is free to download for the App Store/Playstore and will support any number of horses/sensors.

What you get? 1 sensor, 3 Pockets to sew onto your rugs, 1 Fixing System (only to be used for travelling), Instructions

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