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Dressage Girth Cushion Webb

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45cm/18", 50cm/20", 55cm/22", 60cm/24", 65cm/26", 70cm/28", 75cm/30", 80cm/32"


Black, Brown

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Patch Work Stain Remover

Patch Work (200ml) helps to remove even the most stubborn of stains from a horse’s body, hoof, mane or tail so is the perfect spot cleaner for any last minute problems.
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Humane Dressage Girth Cushion Webb

Made in the UK  
A D-System allows the weight to be evenly distributed over the horse's back making it a very comfortable girth. Made to order - please allow 4 weeks for delivery Size: 18" - 32" (45cm - 80cm) Colour: Black, Brown
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Quick Release Padded Headcollar

The Quick Release Padded Headcollar is made in the UK and is made of soft slightly padded nylon, fully adjustable with brass fittings. It is made with a triple velcro quick release safety strap that is designed to come undone if the headcollar is ever caught on anything. This Quick Release Padded Headcollar is a perfect fit for all sizes of horse or pony as it is available in the following sizes:
  • Small Pony (Fits a minature shetland / shetland / foal)
  • Pony
  • Cob
  • Full
The Quick Release Padded Headcollar is available in the following colours:
  • Black  (with discreet small yellow safety release strap)
  • Red    (with discreet small yellow safety release strap)
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Field Safe Headcollar

Made in the UK   A unique patented head collar designed to prevent the horse getting caught up in the field and causing injury. Several breaking hotspots have been replaced with rubber fixings to allow them to snap when put under excessive pressure giving you the piece of mind to turn out in safety. Size: Pony, Cob, Full Colour: Black, Navy
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Cushion Web Girth

Made in the UK  
The traditional yet still very popular Cushion Web girth wicks away moisture whilst staying dry helping to prevent chafing and rubbing. A strong, soft and functional girth available in a wide range of sizes. Size: 32" - 60" (80cm - 150cm) Colour: Black, Brown.
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Double Elastic Girth Cushion Webb

Made in the UK  
Featuring double elastic ends, this helps the girth to follow the expansion and contraction of your horse's rib cage as he breathes giving a more comfortable fit. The girth's split ends also aid the correct girth positioning when using point and balance straps. Double elastic only on one end. Size: 32" - 60" (80cm - 150cm) Colour: Black, Brown
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Humane Girth Cushion Webb

Made in the UK  
Ideal for a rounder-barrelled horse, or a horse that likes to bloat out when it comes to girthing up. The D-System evenly distributes the weight and helps to prevent over tightening the girth whilst making it easy to fasten. Size: 32" - 60" (80cm - 150cm) Colour: Black, Brown
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Mane Tamed De-Tangle Serum

Mane Tamed (200ml) is a leave in product that de-tangles mane and tail hair and leaves it in great condition.
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Cushion Webb Lead Rein

Made in the UK  
Designed to compliment your Cushion Web Headcollar and available in matching or contrasting colour options. 1.8 metres long with a brass trigger hook. Size: One Size Colour: 
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Lunge Cavesson

Complete with bit attachments and made from 25mm Cushion Web fabric. The Lunge Cavesson is available in three different size options and features hardwearing adjustable metal fittings. Size: Pony, Cob, Full Size Colour: Black
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