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Streamz Global EQU StreamZ Fetlock Bands

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Extra Details
"IMPORTANT WARNING: Advised to not be used on any horse diagnosed with a heart condition or horses with particularly sensitive skin. Some grey (white) haired horses have shown to be sensitive to the neoprene material. Horses who are regular ‘chewers’ should avoid wearing the product as warranty is void on any products showing damage. StreamZ will not be held responsible for any adverse reaction to the neoprene or offer a guarantee on the intended results. Please review our returns process if you are unsure or contact one of our team. Each horse wears two EQU StreamZ bands just above or below the fetlock area, and are designed to be worn for a minimum of 8 hours a day although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Waterproof and designed to be used in most weather conditions HOWEVER “24/7 use” refers to the technology and does not indicate the bands can be left on in all weather conditions or whilst out hacking. The bands are developed to be used in recovery, not whilst in active use. When the ground is soft and the horse is turned out the bands should be placed above the fetlock joint and out of the soft ground. Care and attention is required for the bands to last; as with any other tack product. IMPORTANT MAINTENANCE: StreamZ advertise the EQU bands as “24/7 use”. This refers to the technology being able to be worn all day every day, and particularly when the horse is ‘in recovery’. This does not stipulate that bands can be worn 24/7 in all weather conditions, particularly in the UK. Common sense is require as to when the horses can and cannot wear the bands. The material has a life span as with any aesthetic product such as shoes or clothing; it requires care and attention to last 12 months or more, particularly the Velcro. To keep the bands as long as possible it is advised that they are washed once every couple of weeks. The EQU bands are developed to be used as an aid for recovery and not to be used in active work (there is slight movement under the fetlock joint). The EQU bands should be completely removed or worn above the fetlock in soft ground conditions, further still if the ground is soft enough to allow the bands to be submerged then the bands should be removed and only used when turned in. The UK is very wet so it is advised to remove them in the winter and wetter months of the year."
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