The Badminton Drawn Order has been made. Incase you missed it here is the GBR Riders and there numbers.


2. Georgie Spence riding Halltown Harley
3. Tom McEwen riding Toledo de Kerser
5. Alexander Bragg riding Zagreb
7. Gemma Tattersall riding Pamero 4
8. Harry Dzenis riding Xam
9, 10,11. Oliver Towned riding Cooley Master class or Cooley SRS or Ballaghmor Class
12. Krisitina Cook riding Star Witness
13. Kristina Cook Riding Billy the Red
15. Richard Jones riding Alfies Clover
16. Alicia hawker riding Charles RR
18. Alexander Whewall riding Chakiris Star
19. Ben Hobday riding Mulrys Error
23. Louise Harwood riding Mr Potts
24. Kate Honey riding Fernhill Now or Never
26. Tom Jackson riding Walthsm Fiddlers find
36. Lydia Hannon riding My Royal Touch
37. Imogen Gloag riding Brendonhill Doublet
38. Danielle Dunn riding Zocarla BLH
39. Simon Grieve riding Drumbilla Metro
41. Pippa Funnell riding Billy Beware
43. Flora Harris riding Bayano
44. Sarah Bullimore riding Reve Du Rouet
45. Rosalind Canter riding Allstar B
48. Izzy Taylor riding Perfect Stranger
49. Georgie Strang riding Cooley Earl
50. James Sommerville riding Talent
51. William Fox Pitt riding Fernhill Pimms
52. Imogen Murray riding Ivar gooden
53. Will Furlong riding Collien P 2
55. Kirsty Short riding Cossan Lad
60. Ashley Edmond riding Triple Chance
61. Dee Hankey riding Chequers Playboy
63. Tom Crisp riding Coolys luxury
64. Becky woolven riding Charlton Down Riverdance
69. Piggy French riding Vanir Kamira
70. Nana Dalton riding Absolut Opposition
73. Emilie Chandler riding Coopers Law
74. Harry Meade riding Away Cruising
75. Dani Evans riding Smart Time
77. Michael Owen riding Bradeley Law
80. Gemma Tattersall riding Arctic Soul
82. Alexander Bragg riding Redpath Ransom
84. Harry Dzenis riding Dromgurrihy Blue
85. Kristina Cook riding Calvino II
86. Kristina Cook riding Billy The red
89. Georgie Spence riding Wii Limbo
90,91,92. Oliver Townend riding MHS king Joules or Cooley SRS or Ballaghmor class
93. Tom McEwen riding Strike Smartly


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